In the exotic car rental work, Mercedes-Benz is undoubtedly the most respected name in the market. Mercedes Benz is also one of the oldest luxury cars dating all the way back to 1886. It is the first petrol-powered car and since then the German automobile industry has continued to manufacture premium vehicles without any compromise on their quality. Mercedes has taken over the name for the most recognized luxury brand cars and it’s a treat for anyone in the passenger or driver’s seat.

Los Angeles is no stranger to luxury cars. Los Angeles is known for the luxury cars that frequently roll down the streets. Luxury car rentals in LA ensure that your travels in LA are luxurious and comfortable. The classy experience of luxury cars can not be gained from any ordinary car. Premier Auto LA is here to provide you with just that. The limitless exhilarating experience from luxury cars will give you a whole new meaning to thrill and luxury.

Mercedes-Benz Amg G63

The new Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 may sound like a lot first, but it’s also commonly referred to as New G Wagon. The design is similar to that of the previous Mercedes models however, there are major changes that give it an upgraded outlook.

The major highlights of the new design of the model are the new front bumper, headlights, brush grille, grille, and a rear back bumper. the classic shape of the G wagon has been consistent throughout the years and is likely to remain the same seeing how it has become a notorious feature that is recognized across the world.

The Engine

The most notable features of Mercedes Benz include the unique locking sound of the doors opening and closing the lock feature. The New G Wagon has welcomed some new changes in its design and performance such as the upgraded horsepower and power to torque ratio in the engine. The AMG G63 is powered by a V8, 4 liters, twin-turbo engine. The pushes the limit to 577 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque.

The initial G-class series powered around 150 horsepower. In comparison to that the G wagon provides the ultimate luxury experience alongside astonishing speed. The lock and unlock feature may be present in all the Mercedes Benz models however not all of them are equipped with its unique sound. The sound is almost like that of a shotgun which has its own charming appeal to it many love.


The interior of Mercedes Benz is certainly far from ordinary. There is a badge similar to how the Jeep Rubicon has a badge which proves that the vehicle has been tested for a very rigorous ride. Similar to this badge, Mercedes-Benz has one too that implies the same for G63. Besides the badge, the red and black interior gives a classy luxurious feel to it. The carbon fiber trim and the latest infotainment system come with a huge screen for you to have the most comfortable ride a car has to offer. It has the same console that is equipped with similar locking differentials as the other version of the G series.

Additional Features

Old versions did not necessarily have cup holders, so the fact that Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 has them is a pretty big deal. It has an upgraded steering wheel with carbon fiber Alcantara. The car lets you decide if you want automatic or manual shifting. The manual setting allows you to use paddle shifters to shift. There is a suspension button as well, which allows you to engage your sports suspension. Upon clicking it twice, you will engage in the sport plus mode.

Booking Mercedes At Premier Auto Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, you will get to witness all types of luxury cars. Renting a Mercedes is certainly high in demand and thus is easily available at most of Los Angeles’s exotic car rentals. At premier Auto Los Angeles, you get to experience superior quality service and your dream exotic car.

You can contact us through phone, email, or WhatsApp to get further details on the procedure of car rental and more information about the cars available. we will be able to cater to all your query including the ones related to the feeling policy and our rates.

We require a driver’s license copy as well as one for your insurance. A thorough background check is made to ensure our car is in the right hands.

What To Keep In Mind Before The Rental

Regardless of the car, you are interested in renting, the rental company will thoroughly go through your personal details before renting you a car. This is a policy most rental companies abide by and in no circumstance do they make an exception. One of the major things that matter to an exotic car rental company is your age and if someone is willing to cosign it for you. Besides this, many car rental companies only provide exotic car rental services to people that possess major credit cards.

Acquire information about the car you are renting

Many car rental companies rent cars ranging from luxury to economic to hybrid. Regardless of the car you renting always make sure that the vehicle has proper insurance coverage before you set out to take it on the road.

How To Get The Most Out Of Car Rental Experience 

Luxury car rental Los Angeles certainly does not come in cheap and to make all your money count, you need to make the most out of the rental experience. Before renting the luxury car, plan out your route first. figure out the roads you are going to be traveling from so you don’t run into any unprecedented incident. Get enough knowledge about the vehicle you are renting that you will know it inside out. know all the features the car has to offer so you can put them to use and make the most out of them. Lastly, maintain the luxury car like your own, especially if you are leasing it for a long time.