A luxurious sportscar is a dream for many of us. What to do when you don’t own one? Don’t worry if you don’t own one because our Car rental is a reasonable option without any hidden charges and tough terms and conditions. We at Premier Auto LA provide our clients with the best of services and the most luxurious line up of cars.

It might sound unreal but it’s as true as it can be. Driving a Luxury car at an affordable price with no concealed charges or irrelevant terms and conditions, is what you need. Have a look at the luxury cars we have for you and after an easy booking process, enjoy a journey of a lifetime.

What’s It Like Driving a Luxury on Wheels in Los Angeles?

We have a range of high end luxury Ferrari 488 Spiders and Chevrolet corvettes. Here at Premier Auto LA you can find a luxurious car that fits your requirements, style and class.

Let’s have a look at some of them.

Chevrolet Corvette C8

Chevrolet is a luxury on wheels. If we talk about Chevrolet corvette C8 it’s a beautiful convertible with a sturdy, no joke exterior. This luxury masterpiece is a driver centric car, inspired by the fighter jets with numerous controls mounted in the center with a beautifully designed hexagonal steering. Its beauty lies in its smooth retractable roof top that glides inside seamlessly and sets up a show for its viewers. This luxury corvette C8 is a mid-engine marvel with 8 speed dual clutch transmission makes the car thunder off in no time. Whether it’s the placement of engine or the design of windshield this car speaks volume about beauty, performance and class.

If you are dreaming of Chevrolet Corvette C8 then Premier Auto LA is a place to be. You can have a look at this beauty in person by visiting a showroom and choose for yourself this epitome of grandeur. It’s definitely a choice of celebrity or a person of distinct taste.

Ferrari 488 Spider

What’s a better deal than a two seater sports car right here in LA? If you are a sports car enthusiast, then we offer you a magnificently designed car that is two seater luxury. We have for you a Ferrari 488 Spider, drop top supercar at Premier Auto LA. Imagine a car rental with Ferrari 488 Spider, providing exclusive rates for rentals with no extra or hidden charges.

Ferrari 488 Spider is a dream for many but only acquired by a few lucky people. Its special aerodynamics brilliance and special curved body makes it a drag free easy to drive bird, that glides on the road and speeds up in no time. Its V8 engine is a giant that supports a speed of 670 cv at 8000 rpm. The scream of the engine and the sound of its throttle is seductively unique to its user. It radiates power, class and authority with great performance and style.

For more detailed information on our other cars and services, please feel free to contact us through email or our contact number. Visiting our showroom will let you have a look at these luxurious beauties in person.

Easy and Reasonable Fare.

Once you are done with choosing a luxury car of your choice, feel free to book the car. Our staff at Premier Auto LA will be glad to guide you about the luxury cars and their specifications, engine specifications, entertainment and safety features or any other queries.

You can find out more about us and our services through contacting us, emailing us or even on social media. Our team will get back to you ASAP.

We are open about our policies and charges. Customers can also seek help in comparing the prices and getting a fair quote for their car rental. You will get complete transparency of services without any hidden charges at the time of booking or reservation.

Book It The Right Way.

The booking process is as easy as it can be. For making a reservation or booking one of the luxury cars you would be required to provide us with required information. You will be providing us a valid contact number and current email address. Moreover, we will ask for a valid driver’s license and insurance policy if any.

After sharing the relevant information and required documents you are almost there to enjoying a luxury drive in a convertible in LA. That’s not all we also allow different services like one way service or drop off rentals, weekend rental or hourly rental services on easy terms. You can easily choose the package that suits your requirements. We would recommend making an advance booking beforehand, if you are opting for one way or drop off rentals, to avoid any inconvenience.

Upon completing the booking process and finalizing the reservations, our staff will get back to you. They will share with you all the necessary information or details such as when you can pick up your luxurious sports car and when and how to drop off.

Customer Care At Its Best.

We at Premier Auto LA provide remarkable customer care and support to all our clients. Our staff is ever ready to guide you in selecting a luxury car that will suit your style, requirements and class.

We believe in going above and beyond when it comes to customer care. We not only help you in the booking process but we also provide assistance at the pre booking stages where we make all the necessary information and details easily accessible for our customers.

Our staff will also guide you in filling out the forms and the paperwork during the booking process. We will remain transparent about the specifications and the condition of the car.

We will always be there to help you in cases of emergency, whether it’s a flat tire, misplaced car key or any other issue. Feel free to contact our customer care services so that we can provide you with quick assistance.

We also gather feedback from our customers after the end of service regarding our performance so that we can continue to improve and grow.